Camberwell High School

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Facilities Overview

Camberwell High School is comprised of five buildings with a range of specialist and general purpose teaching and learning spaces integral to providing a vibrant and challenging educational experience for all students.

The school recognises that it is vital that students have access to modern technology and equipment relevant to their fields of study, as well as an environment which is both supportive of their needs and challenging to engage their learning. Students’ learning is supported and enhanced through their great use of the Arts & Technology Wing, the Enterprise Centre, the Music and Multi Purpose Centre, the Brereton Library, the Sports Hall, the Drama Centre, and the Senior School Study Centre. Visitors to the school can regularly see on display throughout all public areas, up to date student work completed in the Arts and Technology area. 

External learning spaces provide support for students with a broad range of sporting and recreational facilities, including onsite basketball courts, tennis courts and an oval, as well as local access to a rich range of sporting facilities within walking distance including Matlock Hockey Ground for all year Hockey and Frog Hollow for soccer and cricket.

The diverse mixture of specialist and general teaching spaces are integral to providing a vibrant and balanced education. Camberwell High School is committed to providing all students with everything they need for a complete education in the 21st Century that assists them to transition through six years of secondary education into further study or the world of work.

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