Camberwell High School

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Since 2012 every student from Years 7 to 12 has had access to a netbook computer. The netbooks are incorporated into the learning in all classes and thereby provide ‘anywhere anytime’ access to technology. The 1:1 computer access ensures all students will be computer literate and have a diverse and thorough knowledge of computer programs and functions. The netbooks enable students to further personalise their learning.

Moodle provides students with comprehensive resources to support their learning. The system contains resources grouped for each subject within each learning area and include course outlines, online assessment tasks, relevant web links, videos, powerpoint presentations and much more. Moodle can be accessed at school as well as at home and enriches the learning experience by providing opportunities for extension as well as support.

In addition to the netbooks the school maintains a fleet of desktop computers to support learning in specialist areas such as graphics, multimedia and programming. The Library has 20 computers available to provide ready availability to electronic resources. The school has a school-wide broadband wireless network to support the Netbook Program and give access to the school intranet and the internet in all locations.

Students also have access to state of the art film and sound recording facilities.

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