Camberwell High School

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Curriculum Innovation

At Camberwell High School we encourage every student to achieve their potential, and provide them with the opportunity and the means to do so. Our students develop their learning skills alongside discipline-based knowledge, pursuing their passions and interests in order for them to know themselves as learners.

The school has have developed an Innovative Learning stream within the Junior School Curriculum to achieve these goals. Students are encouraged to manage their own learning, and develop creative ways to think through problems. The Innovative Curriculum places emphasis on real world learning, giving students a context for their learning within the world around them. Within these programs they develop, test and implement solutions to problems. This process enables students to develop a deep understanding, and helps develop a sense of responsibility, both academically and personally within their community.

Camberwell High School has a focus on the growth of each individual and their place in the school community. Students learn to work individually and in groups, presenting their work to their peers and or parents and teachers, communicating meaningfully with different audiences and working effectively within groups to achieve an agreed outcome. We inspire our students to feel excited about knowledge and inquiry through active learning, where they are directly involved in constructing their own learning, through creativity and innovation.

In developing these skills, Camberwell High School aims to empower learners, preparing them for the challenges ahead in their later years at school and beyond.

In 2013 the Enterprise Centre was opened. This building was designed around the principles of innovative learning. Students learn best when they are given real purpose and greater input into what they learn, and our Enterprise Centre is a dynamic space purpose-built to engage and encourage student involvement and learning. 

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