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Enterprise Centre

"The Camberwell High School community has embraced the challenge of developing a shared vision for learning that prepares students for a complex, globalised, post industrial world.
~ Julia Atkin

Camberwell High School understands that the path through life is becoming ever more varied, and seeks to provide students with the skills to navigate their own journey. Learning experiences for students are transformative, collaborative, challenging and empowering and focus on promoting self-discovery, responsibility and curiosity. The school’s aim is to design learning programs that are dynamic and inspire learning, excite students and promote creativity.  Each individual is valued and encouraged to build respectful relationships, to nurture personal well-being and provide opportunities for the learner to be heard. The principles for learning in the Enterprise Centre are drawn from twenty first century research and intended to promote the school's learning philosophy. The Enterprise Centre provides:

  • An aesthetically pleasing space that promotes community, confidence and a sense of belonging
  • A dynamic and varied learning environment
  • A 21st century environment that promotes active inquiry, pursuit of passion, investigation, social interaction, and learning anywhere, anytime, by any means
  • Acoustically sound learning spaces of varied sizes for varied uses, and accessibility to appropriate resources and technologies
  • Integration into the natural environment, modelling sustainability principles and allowing outdoor spaces to be used for learning
  • Potential for re configurability, both now for multipurpose use, and over time for changing needs.


    The building comprises a large, attached central space with a diverse range of purposeful learning zones. The Enterprise Centre is situated prominently on Prospect Hill Road and below the original school building built in 1941. The roof gleams with solar panels, and inside the building is lit with skylights, complemented by energy efficient lighting. It houses a multimedia studio and editing suite, small group discussion areas, larger rooms for presentations and instruction, areas for experimentation and creation, and a 235 seat auditorium for screenings and seminars. Student work is proudly displayed in the foyer and through the central space. The building has full Wi-Fi coverage and ports for students to use their netbooks with screens and projectors in place for group work. A dynamic and exciting space, the building promotes flexibility, freedom of movement, collaboration and connection.


    The building was self-funded by the Camberwell High School community and was opened at the start of the 2013 school year.

    Some of our students compiled a video exploring the uses of the building and explaining the purpose of the different learning zones. Click here to see the video.
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