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Year 10


At Camberwell High School the learning journey is one where students test their abilities in a range of endeavours to develop the capacity to manage themselves as learners, to analyse problems and to participate in the wider community.

At the start of their time in Senior School, Year 10 students enjoy a flexible and open curriculum. To engage and expand student learning students may select from a wide range of electives while maintaining a breadth of learning. Year 10 is an important year as the choices students make will help lay a foundation for post-compulsory study. They are encouraged to study subjects which interest them and will prepare them for later years. Students in Year 10 are able to accelerate by studying a Year 11 subject as part of their Year 10 program.


The study of English involves students reading, viewing, creating, researching and talking about different text types, from those dealing with straight forward information to increasingly complex ideas. English in Year 10 is considered the first of the senior years and as such is structured similarly to courses at Years 11 and 12. Students in Year 10 study English or ESL and may elect to study Literature or Writing Workshop as electives. Study of English or ESL is a requirement in VCE. Literature and Writing Workshop expand student understanding of English language and its uses in more creative ways.


The Humanities involve the study of human societies and environments, people and their cultures in the past and the present. Students learn to plan an investigation and ask key questions, analysing a range of data and sources including artefacts, photographs, maps, stories, interviews and electronic media. All Humanities subjects at this level are part of the Year 10 elective program, where students can choose from nine Humanities areas. Each of these subjects introduces specific knowledge in the area of Commerce, Geography and History and act as a short introduction to VCE subjects in the same fields.


The teaching of Languages at Camberwell High School is seen as a vital skill in the context of rapid globalisation and Australia’s increasing involvement with Asia. It provides students with greater understanding of other cultures and opens opportunities for overseas study tours. French is offered as an elective in Year 10 and may be continued in VCE. Study of Languages is encouraged as an empowering communicative skill for the future.


It is essential that all students leave school enthused by, and confident in, the use of mathematics. All students undertake mathematics study in Year 10, and there are multiple pathways for divergent student interests and abilities. Students all complete Semester 1 of Core Mathematics and then can choose to complete Semester 2 in either Mathematical Methods or General Mathematics, depending on their interest and skills.


Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of the world around us. The study of science aims to encourage observation, exploration and investigation leading to greater understanding. Science at Year 10 is an elective and students may select from a broad range of subjects based on their interests and potential pathways. Experimental work is used to support and highlight the basic concepts studied and the application of research methods allows students to develop useful analytical and critical skills.

The Arts

Camberwell High School has an active and innovative Arts program and our talented students are proud of the diversity of creative work they produce. Study of the Arts allows students to express and explore creative concepts, develop communication skills for the modern age, and build confidence in themselves and their ideas. At Camberwell High School the wide array of electives gives students opportunity to develop skills and interests found in early years, or to try a new focus. Electives include Visual Communications, Art, Photography, Music, Media and many more.


Technology subjects provide students with opportunities for learning, understanding, creation and expansion within several fields that teach important life skills. Subjects include Food Technology, Materials Technology, Information Technology and Systems Engineering. There is a great range of electives in Year 10 offering many subjects within these areas.

Physical Education, Health & Sport

Health and Physical Education aims to help young people take an active role in improving, maintaining and protecting their health and making informed life choices. Students are encouraged to adopt healthy practices through understanding their physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions. Physical Education is a core unit of study in Year 10 to promote personal health and wellbeing and an active lifestyle. There are three electives available for students who choose to pursue Health or Sports which expand on the concepts covered in Junior School.

Co-curricular Programs


As well as having an active class music program from Years 7 to 12, Camberwell High School has four concert bands, three stage bands, three string ensembles and a choir. Music is well regarded and valued highly by the school community, and Camberwell High School is becoming increasingly recognised in the wider community as an excellent school for music.

Sports Co-curricular Program

As well as the extensive Health, PE & Sports program offered as part of the curriculum at Camberwell High School, we also provide great opportunities to participate in Co-curricular Sports and competition. Students have the opportunity to participate in over 15 interschool competitive sports throughout the year. Students gain many benefits from being involved in sport, including teamwork and leadership skills, excellent physical fitness, the chance to try their hand at different sports, and lasting friendships with fellow teammates.

Camps & Tours

Camberwell High School offers many camps and tours designed to build responsibility, team work, initiative, empathy and optimism. In the Senior School many of the camps and tours are subject-based, including a Geography camp to Wahalla and a Sports skiing camp at Mount Bulla. Camberwell High School provides many opportunities for overseas travel through Language studies, Classics tours, Music tours and the World Challenge. In recent years students have visited the USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Borneo, Nepal and South Africa.

The World Challenge experience is a life-changing leadership challenge which extends over 18 months. Students work collaboratively with teachers to raise funds for their journey and develop an understanding of their task. The program culminates in a trek and community project based in a third-world setting. The 2011 World Challenge will take students to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Lunchtime Activities

As well as sporting activities there are always things happening at Camberwell High School to keep students occupied and interested. Several clubs run lunchtime activities throughout the year, including the Chess club, Creative Writing club and the French club. The Library is available for extended reading and private study. Sports teams and music groups often have practice or activities running as well.

Careers and Pathways Program

The Careers and Pathways Program, overseen by the Careers Coordinator and Careers Counsellor, places focus on student aptitude and interest and helps students understand the world beyond school. In Year 10 all students undertake one week of Work Experience to provide an opportunity to work in an area they are considering. Students source their own placement in an industry of interest, allowing them real-world experience and understanding of that area.

Course counselling offers consultation with both parents and students in Year 10 to assist them in subject selections based on the student’s strengths and future plans. This guidance also ensures students meet prerequisites for future study and employment. All Year 10 students have a one-to-one interview with the careers staff to help them develop a career action plan as part of their Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) Plan.

Personal Development Program

Camberwell High School takes pride in looking after the individual needs of our 1200 students. The Personal Development Program (PDP) involves the coordinated effort and contribution of staff, as well as student councils and captains, to provide an environment in which every student is challenged to reach their best potential. PDP groups come together twice weekly to discuss issues relevant to their age group, whether it be bullying, cyber safety, future careers or community responsibilities. The program helps students become responsible citizens of the school community and the wider community as well.

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