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Year 7

Year 7 at Camberwell High School is focussed on supporting students in making a successful transition from primary school. Commencing from Orientation Day students are encouraged to make new friends and to adopt an inclusive attitude with peers. The school's values of Respect, Responsibility, Achievement and Creativity are introduced and reinforced throughout the year.

To find out more about different aspects of Year 7, follow the headings listed below.


Curriculum Overview

At Camberwell High School we understand the importance of balancing active learning with student welfare to create an environment in which young students feel confident and excited about learning.

Junior school students predominantly undertake a common curriculum with an emphasis on students managing their own learning. Our Integrated Learning program for Junior school requires students to establish research questions, undertake research, demonstrate their ability to work effectively in small groups and present their findings to an audience.



The study of English involves students reading, viewing, writing and researching different text types, from those dealing with straight forward information to increasingly complex and abstract issues and ideas. Students are encouraged to explore the meaning of texts and how that meaning is conveyed, to develop critical and analytical thinking.

All Year 7 students undertake a common course in either English or ESL (English as a Second Language). Students learn to analyse a range of texts including plays, short stories, non-fiction, poetry and film. They build a foundation of analytical skills and a critical understanding about the ways in which writers and speakers control language to influence their listeners, readers and viewers


The Humanities involve the study of human societies and environments, people and their cultures in the past and the present, providing a framework for understanding key ideas and concepts related to human behaviour. Year 7 students all study a broad Humanities subject featuring the three major disciplines: History, Geography and Commerce. Students are encouraged and guided to develop their understanding of each discipline and how they are interconnected.


The teaching of Languages other than English at Camberwell High School is seen as a vital skill in the context of rapid globalisation and Australia’s increasing involvement with Asia. All Year 7 students (except those from a non-English speaking background undertaking ESL) choose one language that is compulsory until the end of Year 8. Students can choose either French or Chinese (Mandarin) for these two years. We assume a communicative approach to language study, combining listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that focus on everyday life situations.


Camberwell High School places early emphasis on the importance of mathematics. To develop and build their capabilities in the study of mathematics, all students study a common course at Years 7 – 9. There is an emphasis on mathematical literacy, and technology is used to support student learning. Based on individual student abilities, extension work within the classroom is provided, and support is available at Years 7 and 8 by a Numeracy Aide.


Science is a dynamic and creative human study that encourages observation, exploration and investigation leading to greater understanding. All students study a common course from Year 7 throughout Junior School to provide an understanding of the main topics in science and the scientific method. Students experience the joy of scientific discovery through a process of inquiry and experimentation.

The Arts

Study of the Arts allows students to express and explore creative concepts, develop communication skills for the modern age, and build confidence in themselves and their ideas. As part of their core study in Year 7, students take four arts-related subjects: Art, Drama, Music, and Visual Communication. Students who find a passion for these subjects have the opportunity to pursue the Arts throughout their school and explore further options available.


Technology subjects provide students with opportunities for learning, understanding, creation and expansion within several fields that teach important life skills. Students in Year 7 are taught Food Technology as part of their core studies, where they are introduced to the basics of nutrition and food preparation. Food Technology gives students an insight into their own personal health and the choices they make as well as valuable life skills.

Physical Education, Health & Sport

In Year 7, the three areas of Health, Physical Education and Sport are all covered to give students the basic understanding and skills within each. Health focuses on physical health and development, problem-solving, and making informed decisions about personal health. Physical Education develops motor skills, strategic and tactical thinking through the introduction of games, athletics and fitness. Sport Education aims to deliver extensive opportunities for all students to experience a wide variety of sporting and recreational activities.

Co-curricular Activities

Music Co-curricular Program

Music is well regarded and valued highly by the school community, and Camberwell High School is becoming increasingly recognised in the wider community as an excellent school for music.

Students in Year 7 who elect to undertake Instrumental Music are given priority in instrument hire. They are provided with tuition in their chosen instrument as part of the study, and opportunity to perform in the ensemble bands at the many school music events throughout the year.

Sports Co-curricular Program

Camberwell High School provides great opportunities to participate in Co-curricular Sports and competitions. Students gain many benefits from being involved in sport, including teamwork and leadership skills, excellent physical fitness, the chance to try their hand at different sports, and lasting friendships with fellow teammates.

In the Junior School team selection for Interschool Sport is largely done through Sport Education, where students show an aptitude or interest in playing competitively. Camberwell High School participates in over 15 different competitive sports, so there is always ample opportunity for involvement.

Lunchtime Activities

As well as sporting activities, there are always things happening at Camberwell High School to keep students occupied and interested. Several clubs run lunchtime activities throughout the year, including the Chess club, French Club and Creative Writing club. The Library is available for extended reading and private study. Basketballs can be borrowed by Junior school students for lunchtime play, and sports teams and music groups often have practice or activities.

Transition Program


Camberwell High School offers many camps and tours designed to build responsibility, team work, initiative, empathy and optimism. The Orientation Camp for Year 7 students, gives all new students an opportunity to meet and get to know their new peers. They travel to Portsea where they participate in a range of challenges and recreational activities.

Peer Support

Year 10 students volunteer to become peer support leaders and undertake training late in Year 9 to prepare them for this important role. Working in pairs with a group of 8-10 Year 7 students the peer support program assists in orienting Year 7 students to school life at high school. The Peer support leaders run a program of activities that assist students in getting to know one another and build cross year level contact.

Parent Networks

Camberwell High School seeks to provide a safe and happy environment for each student. Our Parent Networks have been very successful in providing the school with important information about the effectiveness of our educational programs, and granting parents an insight into how the school operates. Areas for refinement and improvement can be determined by the students’ experiences and ensured by their parents’ participation.

The Year 7 Parent Network operates for each of the student’s homegroup. Parents volunteer to be representatives (around 5 or 6 per homegroup) who then call the other parents of students in the same homegroup. Items commonly discussed will be how your child is settling in to Camberwell High School, are they being sufficiently challenged and supported in their studies, and how the Netbook program has supported your child’s learning.

The Year 7 Parent Network meets once each term, and parents will be invited to volunteer as representatives when your child enrols at Camberwell High School.

Personal Development Program

Camberwell High School takes pride in looking after the individual needs of our 1200 students. The Personal development program involves the coordinated effort and contribution of staff, as well as student councils and captains, to provide an environment in which every student is challenged to reach their best potential. The program combines large and small group activities which come together twice weekly to discuss issues relevant to their age group, whether it be bullying, cyber safety, future careers or community responsibilities. It is through the education about and development of these concepts that students will better understand their role as responsible citizens of the wider community.


Beginning in a new high school can be an overwhelming experience, and Camberwell High School seeks to ensure every student’s transition is as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have a full time Student Welfare Coordinator whom students may consult or be referred to with any issues they are having. The Coordinator is supported by a visiting educational psychologist and they are both available for meeting with students and families as required. Students can approach any member of staff with troubles they may be having at the school and they will be guided to the help they need.

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