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Year 9

Year 9 at Camberwell High School is focused on challenging and extending all our students. The Year 9 Curriculum opens up with a range of elective subjects to personalise each student’s learning experience. The Connections program also aims to engage students by encouraging them to set their own learning goals and explore ways or reaching them independently. To find out more about Year 9 at Camberwell High School, follow the headings listed below.

Innovative Curriculum

We have developed an Innovative Learning stream within the Junior School Curriculum to encourage all our students to their best potential. Students are encouraged to manage their own learning, pursue passions and interests and develop creative ways to think through problems. The Innovative Curriculum places emphasis on real world learning, giving students context for their work within the world around them. They develop, test and implement solutions to problems, reporting on the results. This process gives students an understanding of the political and social structures in our society, and helps develop a sense of responsibility, both academically and within their community.

Students learn to work individually and in groups, presenting their work to their peers, learning to communicate meaningfully with different audiences and work effectively in within groups to achieve an agreed outcome. In developing these skills, Camberwell High School aims to empower learners, preparing them for the challenges ahead in their later years at school and beyond.


Today’s students need to master a broad range of skills to equip them for a changing world with complex personal, interpersonal and intellectual demands. Our school offers a broad curriculum and a vibrant selection of electives beginning in Year 9. This allows students to choose the path through school that best suits their interests, skills and abilities. Students continue to study a number of common subjects, and begin to select from the electives offered which cater to their interests. Students in Year 9 participate in the Connections program which has been designed to promote independent learning to equip students for life in the 21st Century.


The study of English involves the study of many different types of text, from those dealing with straight forward information to increasingly complex and abstract issues and ideas. All students undertake a common course in either English or ESL (English as a Second Language) through the Junior School. Students learn to analyse a range of texts including plays, short stories, non-fiction, poetry and film. They build a foundation of analytical skills and a critical understanding about the ways writers and speakers control language to influence their listeners, readers and viewers.


The Humanities involve the study of human societies and environments, people and their cultures in the past and the present. The Humanities provide a framework for understanding key ideas and concepts related to human behaviour, and encourage the use of research skills and inquiry processes. Students learn to plan investigations, ask key questions and analyse a range of data. In Year 9, as well has History and Geography, students have the option of studying Commerce, a lead-in to economics subjects in later years.


The teaching of Languages at Camberwell High School is seen as a vital skill in the context of rapid globalisation and Australia’s increasing involvement with Asia. It provides students with greater understanding of other cultures and opens opportunities for overseas study tours. French is offered as an elective in Years 9 and 10 and may be continued by any person hoping to study French in VCE or simply to continue study for greater understanding of the language and culture. Beginning with Year 7 in 2012 our Mandarin Chinese program will grow with the students through to Year 10. Study of Languages is elective from Year 9 and is encouraged as an empowering communicative skill for the future..


Camberwell High School places early emphasis on the importance of mathematics, the study of which can help a person make a more significant contribution to the demands of an ever-increasingly technological society. It is essential that students leave school enthused by, and confident in, the use of mathematics. To develop and build their capabilities in the study of mathematics, all students study a common course at years 7 – 9. The focus is on further developing students’ skills and understanding so that they can apply their knowledge to solve authentic problems. There is an emphasis on mathematical literacy, and technology is used to support student learning.


Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of the world around us. All students study a common science course throughout Junior School to provide an understanding of the main topics in science and the scientific method. Students experience the joy of scientific discovery through a process of inquiry and experimentation in the four main key areas of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology, creating a thorough basis for future scientific study.

The Arts

The Arts at Camberwell High School provide students with the opportunity to experience both Performing and Visual Arts through the many electives offered in Year 9. Study of the Arts allows students to express and explore creative concepts, develop communication skills for the modern age, and build confidence in themselves and their ideas. At Camberwell High School the enormous range of electives gives students opportunity to develop skills and interests found in early years, or to try a new focus. Computer Aided Design commences at Year 9 as an introduction to graphic design skills, as well as visual art, drama, music, visual communication, photography, ceramics and media.


Technology subjects provide students with opportunities for learning, understanding, creation and expansion within several fields that teach important life skills. Year 9 introduces Systems Materials, Information Technology and Food Technology as electives with the option of studying World Food Bites, an international exploration of food. It also introduces Computer Programming as a basis for Information Technology. Students who find a passion for programming will encounter many opportunities for further study in a field that is forever growing in the modern world.

Physical Education, Health & Sport

Health and Physical Education aims to help young people take an active role in improving, maintaining and protecting their health and making informed healthy living choices. Students are encouraged to adopt healthy practices through understanding their physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions. Health & Physical Education is offered at Year 9 as a combined core subject, continuing on learning in earlier years. As an elective students can also engage in Sport Education. New skills, friendship and sense of involvement are some of the benefits of Sport, as well as recreational opportunity for personal health.

Co-curricular Programs


Music is well regarded and highly valued by the school community, and Camberwell High School is becoming increasingly recognised in the wider community as an excellent school for music. As well as having an active class music program at all year levels, Camberwell High School has four concert bands, three stage bands, three string ensembles and two choirs as part of Co-curricular Music.

Throughout each year students undertaking Co-curricular Music have the opportunity to participate in the busy schedule of events, including performances for each band, battle of the bands, music tours and appearances at many other school events.


As well as the extensive Health, PE & Sports program offered as part of the curriculum at Camberwell High School, we also provide great opportunities to participate in Co-curricular Sports and competition. Students gain many benefits from being involved in sport, including teamwork and leadership skills, excellent physical fitness, the chance to try their hand at different sports, and lasting friendships with fellow teammates. In the Junior School team selection for Interschool Sport is largely done through Sport Education, where students show an aptitude or interest in playing competitively. Camberwell High School participates in over 15 different competitive sports, so there is always ample opportunity for involvement.

Lunchtime Activities

As well as sporting activities, there are always things happening at Camberwell High School to keep students occupied and interested. Several clubs run lunchtime such as the Chess club, French Club and Creative Writing club. The Library is available for extended reading and private study. Basketballs can be borrowed by Junior school students for lunchtime play, and sports teams and music groups often have practice or activities.

Camps & Tours

Camberwell High School offers many camps and tours designed to build responsibility, team work, initiative, empathy and optimism. The Year 9 Connections program runs a challenging and exciting camp in the King Lake ranges that incorporates hiking, community work and further outdoor challenges.

Parent Networks

Camberwell High School seeks to provide a safe and happy environment for each student, and Parent Networks have been very successful in keeping the school informed on educational matters. The Parent Network provides a forum for discussion between parents to talk about matters of interest or concern regarding the educational program, challenges, troubles, suggested improvements and so forth.

Interested parents can elect to join the Year 9 Parent Network, as it is important that we continue to hear from parents about how the school is performing in your eyes.

The Parent Networks are mutually beneficial – providing the school with important information about the effectiveness of our educational programs, and granting parents an insight into how the school operates. Areas for refinement and improvement can be determined by the students’ experiences and ensured by their parents’ participation.

Personal Development Program

Camberwell High School takes pride in looking after the individual needs of our 1200 students. The Personal Development Program involves the coordinated effort and contribution of staff, as well as student councils and captains, to provide an environment in which every student is challenged to reach their best potential. Students have the support of classroom teachers, homegroup teachers, two Pastoral Team Leaders per year level, and a subschool head for each junior and senior school. The program combines large and small group activities, conducted by either year level or homegroup. Groups come together twice weekly to discuss issues relevant to their age group, whether it be bullying, cyber safety, future careers or community responsibilities.


Student welfare is very important at Camberwell High School. We have a full time Student Welfare Coordinator whom students may consult, or be referred to, with any issues they are having. The Coordinator is supported by a visiting educational psychologist and they are both available for meeting with students and families as required. Students can approach any member of staff with troubles they may be having at the school and they will be guided to the help they need.


The Careers Program, overseen by the Careers Coordinator and Careers Counsellor, places focus on student aptitude and interest and helps students understand the world beyond school. The program is embedded in the curriculum, incorporating all aspects of careers education to deliver a comprehensive guided path through high school.

With the introduction of elective subjects in Year 9 students begin to explore the possible pathways available through and beyond school. As part of their Connections program, Year 9 students undertake a term-long careers unit, including a research activity into the World of Work.

Course counselling offers consultation with both parents and students in Years 9 and 10 to assist them in subject selection based on the student’s strengths and future plans. This guidance also ensures students meet prerequisites for future study.

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