Camberwell High School

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Student Welfare and Support

The school ensures that all the needs of international students, including academic support, accommodation and general welfare are provided for during their time away from home. Students attend a weekly after school support program to hear from guest speakers and staff about tertiary options, learning resources and recreational opportunities available. Individual interviews and small group workshops are also held to assist with the personal development for students and address any areas of concern.

Progress of international students at school is constantly monitored through regular study groups, communication with subject teachers and individual interviews with students. Workshops and activities are held to address the particular needs of international students as well as regular meetings with the International Student Coordinator. Students can be referred to professional guidance officers and counsellors when required, as well as careers advisors to assist them in choosing the most appropriate tertiary course. Student Learning Mentors meet each week with small groups of local and international students and they also have responsibility to monitor the overall wellbeing and academic progress of the students

There are two International Student Captains who are elected to represent the needs and voice of international students at the school. These students are available to support newly arrived and younger students. Camberwell High School values all our students and we strive to ensure they are happy and successful.

International Student Captains

We as International Student Captains represent the voice for international students; our role is to make all of them feel happy and comfortable in the school. Our main responsibilities are helping students solve their problems and organizing activities to maintain group harmony and interact with people from other cultures.

One thing that all international students have is the experience of being an outsider in a new country. Due to the cultural and language differences, some international students can feel lonely. Our job is to bring these students out of their shells, try to help them get involved in the school and become friends with local students.

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