Camberwell High School

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Parent Networks

Camberwell High School values highly the feedback that parents can provide us about their child’s personal experience at our school. Such feedback gives us an understanding of how our educational programs are working, and where there is room for improvement. In this area, the Parent Networks and Forums are a vital point of communication.

In Years 7 and 8, parents of students volunteer to contact other parents in their child's Homegroup and ask them a series of questions about aspects of the school programs. At this time parents are also invited to raise any other matters of interest or concern. The volunteer parents attend a meeting two or three times a year to report on the feedback they have received. Meetings are attended by teachers and the Leadership Team at the school who can discuss the topics raised and record feedback.

At Year 9 parents are invited to attend a forum in which they can share feedback about the Year 9 Curriculum and Connections Program. The Year 9 curriculum is expansive and provides students with a range of paths to suit their individual needs. As such, feedback on programs is always helpful to guide us in the provision of a well-rounded educational experience.

The Networks and Forums are mutually beneficial – providing the school with important information about the effectiveness of our educational programs, and granting parents an insight into how the school operates. Refinement and improvement of the school’s programs is ongoing and informed bt the input of parents as well as students and teachers.

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