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Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association offers parents the opportunity to become involved in the life of the school. We are in for exciting times as we celebrate 75 years of quality education and strong community at Camberwell High School (CHS) in 2016. From 2016 we also launch a new-look Parents and Friends Association (PFA) with a revitalized structure and great opportunities for even more parents to get involved.

It’s hard to escape PFA hospitality and involvement at our many school events. Getting involved is a great way to meet people and support your child’s school experience through your family’s active involvement in building an engaged school community.

Being part of our PFA is easy – you can do as little or as much as you are able – and there are opportunities for the skills, gifts and interests of everyone to be contributed.

We need parents from every year level to offer their time, expertise and enthusiasm. Whether you’re great at cooking a sausage, can bake, are keen to volunteer to serve and run staff events, social events, the book sale, can do administrative tasks, or even if you’re keen just to come along and get to know other parents –we’d love you to get involved!

Our purpose:

We do this through:

Encourage active participation by parents/carersin the life of the school through a ‘friends raising’role

Social events, year level based events andactivities, connecting parents and staff through supportof events, providing a Parent NetworkDirectory

Develop a real sense of engagedcommunity between parents/carers, teachers andstudents

Open Night, Orientation Night, Music Expo,Staff morning tea and lunches, MedievalDay

Work closely with the school leadership(Principal

& School Council) to achieve commongoals

Valedictory Night, Second Hand Book Sale,Special purpose fund raising, Open nights and Expos,School Anniversaryevents

Provide a forum for discussion ofrelevant educational issues forparents/carers

Speakers, Movie Nights, PFA Meetingswith Principal’s regularreport

Encourage active participation by parents/carersin fund raising to finance school communityevents and special purpose funds requested by theschool leadership

Trivia Night, Second Hand Book Sale, Raffle, stalls, sausage sizzles, other fundraisers. Theseactivities have enabled PFA to provide: new BBQ area;e- center outdoor seating; air-conditioners;sports team uniforms; key events like Valedictory,and more

How to get involved in our PFA

You can sign up and get correspondence and event information from our PFA without committing to do anything! You may simply choose to volunteer once a year to help with a sausage sizzle or the Valedictory events – or you may be interested in a more regular role, or to be part of our PFA Committee.

The PFA has a number of roles filled by parents and we’re always keen for new people who want to be involved. Each position is elected annually, so if you want to stand for one of the Committee roles – you are only signing up for 1 year – with the option to continue of course when you find you love the involvement!


Camberwell High School PFA Structure

For more information, please contact the Administration Office at Camberwell High School

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