Camberwell High School

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School Council

The School Council is a major governing body of all schools, providing planning, funds and developments within the school. At Camberwell High School, the School Council puts student learning and wellbeing at the heart of all they do. The council is comprised of parents, community members and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) members.

The aim of the school council is to enhance educational opportunities for all Camberwell High School students. They develop, review and update school policies, approve budget and monitor expenditure, and raise funds for school-related purposes.

The school council has raised funds to build the new Enterprise Centre, an exciting project to enhance the educational possibilities for all students, with a focus on Year 9.

The school council works to establish a vision and direction for the school and recommend changes necessary to bring it about.

The constituting order of Camberwell High School confirms the composition of Council as:

  • 8 elected parents
  • 4 DEECD employees other than the Principal
  • the Principal
  • 1 co-opted student member of SRC
  • 1 co-opted representative of the wider community in which the school operates

Council meets once each month on the third or fourth Thursday of the month. The council holds the Annual Reporting Meeting, in late March to report on its activities.

Sub-committees of the Council

Council determines which sub-committees it requires. Currently the sub-committees are:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Finance

All sub-committees are formed to advise Council and have no decision-making powers. Sub-committee meetings are to be held at a time to be decided by its members. The minutes of each sub-committee meeting will be made available to council members at the next Council meeting. The convener of the sub-committee, or nominee, will present comments and recommendations from the sub-committee minutes to Council.

Parent members of School Council welcome input from our School Community. Parents wishing to communicate with School Council can do so by contacting the School by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and email will be directed to the convenor of the relevant sub-committee.

School council meetings are open to parent attendance. Any parents wishing to attend School Council as an observer should contact the Principal (Jill Laughlin) for further information.

All matters relating to the education of individual students should be brought to the attention of the relevant teacher, Sub School Leader, Assistant Principal or the Principal.

One of the School Council responsibilities is setting the Uniform Policy of the school. Details of the current Uniform Policy can be viewed from the document below.

Official Uniform Policy

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