Camberwell High School

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The Brereton Library at Camberwell High School provides information, resources and facilities to meet both the curriculum and recreational needs of students and staff. With the multiplicity of resources available, the librarians work collaboratively with teachers in developing information literacy skills that provide the basis for lifelong learning. Students can seek help from library staff in locating the most suitable resources for their research as well as advice on wide reading suggestions and use of electronic resources and audio/visual equipment.

Online resources in the library are an integral part of research in the information technology age. They can be accessed by all students and staff through the school’s intranet available on all computers throughout the school and from home. It is frequently updated and contains not only a wide range of information materials, but also research assignments to teach good research practices, links to online databases, encyclopaedias as well as study and essay tutorials.

The library provides recreational resources for students and staff with the aim of engaging students mentally, encouraging them to seek out information and self-manage their discoveries. The library collection includes fiction books, short stories, picture books, non-fiction books on an enormous variety of topics, popular magazines and daily newspapers.

Students engaged in learning in different ways
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