Camberwell High School

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Physical Education, Health & Sport

Health and Physical Education aims to help young people take an active role in improving, maintaining and protecting their health and making informed healthy living choices. Students are encouraged to adopt healthy practices through understanding their physical, mental, emotional and social health dimensions. A wide range of activities are covered at every year level aimed at promoting fitness, skills and overall wellbeing.

Students engaged in learning in different ways

Years 7 – 9

The areas of Health, Physical Education and Sport are all covered in the Junior school to give students the basic understanding and skills within each sequence. Health focuses on physical health and development, nutrition, problem-solving, and making informed decisions about personal health. Physical Education develops motor skills, strategic thinking and tactical knowledge through the introduction of games, athletics and fitness. Students learn to identify factors that influence their motivation to be physically active. Sport Education aims to deliver extensive opportunities for all students to experience a wide variety of sporting, recreational and fitness activities.

Year 9

Health & Physical Education is offered at Year 9 as a combined core subject, building on the learning in earlier years. As an elective students can also engage in Sport Education. New skills, friendship and sense of involvement are some of the benefits of Sport, as well as a recreational opportunity for personal health. The focus is on developing tactics and strategies in more challenging situations.

Year 10

Physical Education continues as core study in Year 10 to promote personal health and wellbeing and an active lifestyle. There are 3 electives available for students who choose to pursue Health or Sports which expand on the concepts covered in Junior School. Health: Challenges and Change goes further into the area of personal development, including content areas of self esteem, growth, drug education, sexuality and first aid. Sport & Recreation is an elective for students who enjoy the active, competitive and social aspect of sport. Sports Performance & Coaching is an elective for students who enjoy the tactical, problem-solving side of sport, and an understanding of the health, development and refinement of sports players.


Two VCE subjects, Physical Education and Health & Human Development are offered at VCE, covering in depth theory and practical components of each subject and expanding on previously developed fields of knowledge.

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