Camberwell High School

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Mathematics and Science


Camberwell High School places early emphasis on the importance of mathematics. The study of mathematics can help a person make a more significant contribution to the demands of an ever-increasingly technological society. It is essential that students leave school enthused by, and confident in, the use of mathematics.

Years 7 – 9

To develop and build their capabilities in the study of mathematics, all students study a common course at years 7 – 9. The focus is on further developing students’ skills and understanding so that they can apply their knowledge to solve authentic problems. There is an emphasis on mathematical literacy, and technology is used to support student learning. Based on individual student abilities, extension work within the classroom is provided, and support is available at Years 7 and 8 by a Numeracy Aide.

Year 10

All students undertake mathematics study in Year 10, and there are multiple pathways for divergent student interests and abilities. Students all complete Semester 1 of Core Mathematics and then can choose to complete Semester 2 in either Mathematical Methods or General Mathematics, depending on their interest and skills. A whole year subject, Foundation Mathematics, is available and designed for students who have had difficulty with mathematics in the Junior School. Entry to this course is by invitation only, and it aims to prepare students for VCE General Mathematics Further and VCAL Numeracy.


There are 3 levels of mathematical study in VCE: General Mathematics Further, Mathematics Methods CAS, and General Mathematics Specialist. Students hoping to study mathematics in Year 12 must have completed units in Year 11. Students can be advised on which level of mathematics suits their level of enthusiasm and abilities. There is also a VCAL Numeracy unit available in Year 11 to students studying VET.

Students engaged in learning in different ways


Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of the world around us. The study of science aims to encourage observation, exploration and investigation leading to greater understanding. The field of science is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises.

Years 7 – 9

All students study a common course throughout Junior School to provide an understanding of the main topics in science and the scientific method. Students experience the joy of scientific discovery through a process of inquiry and experimentation in the four main key areas of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geology, creating a thorough basis for future scientific study.

Year 10

Science at Year 10 is an elective and students may select from a broad range of subjects based on their interests and potential VCE pathways. Experimental work is used to support and highlight the basic concepts studied and the application of research methods allows students to develop useful analytical and critical skills.


There are four areas of scientific study available in VCE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. Students can choose subjects based on their interests and pathways into tertiary study. A greater understanding of their chosen field is developed through the study in VCE as well as vital skills in analysis, research and problem solving.

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