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The International Student Program

Camberwell High School is located in the suburb of Canterbury and is approximately 10 kms from the Melbourne’s Central Business District. It is a safe and comfortable part of Melbourne that is extremely well-serviced by public transport - buses and trams pass in front of the school and the train station is within a short walking distance.

The school is close to a local shopping area which offers a range of facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centres, restaurants. Parks, sporting grounds and recreational centres are also nearby.

Since 1996, the school has welcomed students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam and several European countries. The number of students in our International Student Program is maintained at a level that ensures that students receive optimum support and integration into the school community. The team in the International Student Program is committed to implementing a successful, caring, effective program that ensures student success.

Camberwell High School - bilingual short presentation - 2017

Testimonial from a CHS International Student ,Victoria, Year 12 2013:

"I attended Camberwell High School from 2010 to 2013 as an International Student from China.

Whilst I was a student I received support from all the teachers who taught me patiently and made the class enjoyable especially my chemistry teacher and all my friends who taught me English and helped me solve tough questions. Also I would like say thank you to the library. It provides a lot of services for free and the teachers in library help international students a lot for looking for books, dictionaries and printing. I was taken good care of while I was in CHS.

In my Homestay I enjoyed the following aspects. My homestay provided good living conditions for me. And they also chat with me a lot and teach me the manners in Aus.

As a result, I can do things by myself without my parents around me. And I also learned that we should care about others and give a hand when they need help. I’m getting used to live in Aus and I love the life which is enjoyable and comfortable. Now in 2014 I will attend Melbourne University."

(Jialin Li)

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