Camberwell High School

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Arts and Technology

The Arts

Camberwell High School has an active and innovative Arts program and our students are proud of the diversity of creative work they produce. The Arts provide students with the opportunity to experience both Performing and Visual Arts as part of their core curriculum at Years 7 and 8, and through the electives offered from Year 9. Study of The Arts allows students to express and explore creative concepts, develop communication skills for the modern age, and build confidence in themselves and their ideas. The Arts Learning Area is heavily involved in both the School Musical Production and the House Arts Festival. These events, and many others, showcase our Visual and Performance Artists and highlight the quality of student talent..

Students with aptitude and enthusiasm for music can take Instrumental Music, an ensemble-based music program that means students participate in one of six large ensembles and receive tuition in their instrument as a result. Instrumental music is a co-curricular program and rehearsals occur outside of school hours. Camberwell High School has the capacity to hire to students a full concert band and string orchestra of instruments. Instrument hire is prioritised for the Year 7 students commencing instrumental tuition. The Music curriculum is supported by a team of 14 expert music teachers, catering for all instruments and levels of experience.

Students engaged in learning in different ways

Years 7 – 8

As part of their core study in Junior School, students take three arts-related subjects: Visual Arts (Art and Visual Communication), Drama and Music, and they have the option of studying Instrumental music. Subjects expose students to diverse creative opportunities and enable personal expression and build confidence. Students who find a passion for these subjects have the opportunity to pursue this passion throughout their school.

Year 9 – 10

At Camberwell High School the enormous range of electives gives students opportunity to develop skills and interests found in early years, or to try a new focus. Computer aided design is introduced at Year 9 as an introduction to graphic design skills, as well as photography, media and ceramics. Visual Art, Drama, Music and Visual Communication are all continued as electives.


There are five VCE Arts subjects available at Camberwell High School including Art, Drama, Media, Music Performance and Visual Communication & Design. These subjects are designed to hone skills, encourage conceptual and lateral thinking as well as focus and refine talent. Students will explore theories and practices within their chosen field and are provided with ample opportunity for performance and presentation.


Technology subjects provide students with opportunities for learning, understanding, creation and expansion within several fields that teach important life skills. Subjects include Food Technology, Materials Technology, Digital Technologies, Information Technology and Systems Engineering. Food Technology covers nutrition, health and food preparation. Materials Technology involves construction with wood, metals and plastics and understanding environmental and ecological considerations. Information Technology is about the use of software for problems solving. Systems Engineering is the construction of electrical or mechanical devices and systems.

Year 7

Students in Year 7 are taught Food Technology as part of their core studies, wherein they are introduced to the basics of nutrition and food preparation. Food Technology gives students an insight into their own personal health and the choices they make as well as valuable life skills. Students can also choose to study Digital Technologies.

Year 8

Systems Engineering and Materials Technology are introduced in Year 8. These subjects are designed to engage students with interesting and creative activities and introduce skills for decision-making and construction. In Materials Technology students use a range of tools, equipment and techniques in order to process materials into products, and must consider ecological and environmental factors. Systems Engineering involves construction of electrical and mechanical models from kits and (later on) from original design.

Years 9 – 10

Systems, Materials, Information Technology and Food Technology are electives in Years 9-10. It also introduces Computer Programming as a basis for Information Technology. Students who find a passion for programming will encounter many opportunities for further study in a field that is forever growing in the modern world. There is also a great range of electives in Year 9 and an even larger range in Year 10 which expand on Food and Information Technology, while offering further development on Materials Technology and Systems Engineering.


There are 4 VCE subjects offered in the field of Technology: Design & Technology, Systems Engineering, IT Applications and Food Technology. These are designed to give students a thorough understanding of their chosen fields, and can lead to further study and employment in related industries. Each has a vocational aspect and promotes a technical understanding, creative thinking and a love of learning.

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